Welcome to the Minecraft OC Review!

Recently, Minecraft OC ask blogs have become very popular. However, there's a dark side to every trend, and it this case it takes the form of cookie-cutter OCs and Mary Sues.

Do you run a Minecraft askblog? Want a review of your character? Just submit them for us, and we'll give you a solid, objective review of your OC, with constructive criticism and some pointers on how to improve them.

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Sorry I’ve been so slow on the updates. <:D I’ve been crazy busy reviewing and preparing for my first highschool midterms next week. 

Thanks for all the likes and follows! I have five OCs sitting in my inbox right now. I’ll probably do a couple this weekend, and see how many I can get done over midterms, since we won’t be having homework past studying.

And remember - the submission box is always open!

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I’ve only just started my blog and I’m only starting to get the hang of things, so if there’s not enough to comment on, that’s okay! Here goes XD

1. Ask Chaz Itanta! (I apologise for using one of the pre-made layout templates XD I’ll get a better layout soon hopefully!)

2. Reference here. Included a pic of his Minecraft skin as an additional example.


(I’m going to drop the rest of this under a readmore, because you wrote a lot of backstory. xD)

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You didn’t really give me much info here, so I’m doing a cold reading. <:D But I’ll give it my best shot.

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Good to see this blog up! I was curious when I’d see it. :D Might as well throw Enderbro at you.

1. askenderbro

2. Just an enderman with derpy eyes.

3. When Endermen were first released, SMP ones were friendly and wouldn’t attack if you looked at them. Enderbro is just a derpy SMP enderman. He made friends with Steve, and now they’re roommates. He was cast out of his colony because he kept forgetting that staring at his brethren was unacceptable.

4. No special abilities. Very kind and generous, but socially awkward and mentally slow.

Thanks brah. Can’t wait to see what I can improve! :D This blog is a good, constructive idea.


Wow, starting off with one of the most popular minecraft askblogs. =D Cool, let’s do this!

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fucknominecraftart-deactivated2 said: I advertised you on me blog. Let's affiliate?

Certainly! Added a links page with your blog on  it. =D

Welcome to the Minecraft OC Review!

Lately, the Minecraft community has had an influx of original characters, many of whom have askblogs. Complaints have arisen that the majority of these characters are boring, unoriginal, or too far a stretch from actual Minecraft species. Well, the Minecraft OC Review is here to provide an objective view on your OC!

I’ll give you an unbiased review out of a 100-point rubric, with constructive criticism and pointers on how you can make your character and askblog better.

So don’t be afraid - who wants to be the first to get reviewed? =D